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We have been learning about magic! We have all been really excited about this topic. In literacy we read the story 'Room on a broom' and wrote some rhyming potions of our own. In our maths work we have been solving vanishing number problems. We followed a recipe and made potions and watched how all of the ingredients changed when they were mixed together. We have had great fun play in our 'Potion Shop' role-play.
Picture 1 What have you mixed toegther
Picture 2 How is it changing?
Picture 3 How quickly can you transport the balls?
Picture 4 Our 'Potion Shop' role-play
Picture 5 Who is the wizard?
Picture 6 Making fireworks
Picture 7 A magic potion!
Picture 8 What happened
Picture 9 Mixing the potions
Picture 10 We all look wonderful
Picture 11 Firework printing
Picture 12 The magic water wall
Picture 13 Can you control the cars around the track
Picture 14 What is in the cauldron?
Picture 15 How many legs does the monster have?
Picture 16 Exploring noodles
Picture 17 Making magic paper
Picture 18 A rhyming recipe
Picture 19 Making magic monsters
Picture 20 Listen carefully to the instructions