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My Body

The children have been keen to learn more about 'Bodies'. They have been asking questions about how to stay healthy and shown an interest in different forms of exercise. We have been talking about different body parts and what is inside our bodies. In maths we have been exploring 'estimation' by predicting how many objects will fit inside the palm of our hands. In literacy we have been reading captions and labelling parts of our bodies.
Picture 1 Exploring skeletons
Picture 2 Labelling body parts
Picture 3 Estimation
Picture 4 How many counters will fit in the pal of our hands
Picture 5 How close was your estimation
Picture 6 Doctors Surgery
Picture 7 Collecting the funnybones!
Picture 8 Controlling the cars
Picture 9 Have we collected all the bones
Picture 10 Making skeletons
Picture 11 Skeleton writing
Picture 12 Visiting the doctors surgery
Picture 13 Looking after each other