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Good morning children,


How are you all? This week is Mental Health week when we will be taking time to think about how to keep our minds and bodies healthy. Take a look at our Wonderful weekly work and watch the assemblies prepared. 


Here's a joke to brighten up your day - sorry my jokes aren't always the best but hope it puts a smile on your face, even if it is terrible!



WOW: To collect data using tally charts and present it using bar charts.


Today we are going to go over the key points of constructing a bar chart and then collect data to make your own bar chart.

Firstly, watch the video/ learning slides. You will then need to decide which question to answer and collect data for.  To collect data you will need to speak to your family and friends to ask them the question. Remember to give them up to 6/7 choices. Collect this information in a tally chart before turning it into a bar chart. 




English - SPaG


WOW: To recognise when to use the apostrophe for possession with singular and proper nouns.


Last week we learnt about how we use the apostrophe for contractions. This week we are learning about its other job.  Go through the teaching video and slides then complete the activities provided. 



WOW: To collect data and record evidence. 


Today we will be starting the first part of our data collection for our Geography fieldwork.  You will need to ask between 12 and 15 people what jobs they do, where they go to work and how they get to work (car, walk, bus, etc).


Use the sheet below to complete your data.



Use this session to find out about Mental Health week.  Follow the link below to the whole school page.

Start to think about your wonderful weekly work.