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Maths (1 hour)


WALT: estimate and measure length to the nearest metre.


For today’s lesson you will need a long ruler or measuring tape. If none of these are available use a stick or a piece of string. If you have any chalks or sticks these could also be useful in today's lesson. 


1. Begin by playing this warm up game:


2. Go through the teaching video and try out some of the activities suggested. You could do these outside?

3. If you would like to watch the estimating video again, here is the link.

4. Complete your activity sheet by going around your house, or outside, to if you can find things that you can estimate and measure in metres. Record them to the nearest metre.

5. As an extension, try finding out how large some prehistoric creatures might have been with the extension sheet. You could use chalk or other objects to mark out the dimensions?

English (1 hour)


WALT: recognise the skills used in performance poetry.


1. Start by watching Michael Rosen's tips for performance poetry.

2. Watch the 3 different poems being performed: 'Clever Trevor', Pinda Cake and Chocolate Cake. 

3. Thinking about the different tips that Michael Rosen gave in his video, use the checklist sheet below and answer the questions about one of the poems.  

French (1 hour)


WALT: to name items of clothing and answer what’s in the wardrobe.


Today in French we will begin learning to name items of clothing. If I were to open a wardrobe what might be inside?  Once you have gone through the teaching video have a go at matching up the different items of clothes with the correct word using the activities provided. These are levelled 1 star to 3 stars. We will also be learning a bit about nouns and how they can be gendered in French. 



Clothes - Les

Still image for this video

Physical Activity (45 mins)


Take a look at these challenges to give yourself a really good core work out. What part of your body are they working on?

What score do you get in 'Round the sock challenge'?

How about the Baby shark challenge? 


Remember to clear the space around you and stop if anything hurts.