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Bonjour Swans,

Please take a look today at your daily expected activities as there have been some new maths activities uploaded for you to complete. The focus is addition and subtraction at speed. Use a timer to see how quickly you can complete these - in your head if possible.

Maths - 1 hour


WOW: To read and present information in scaled bar charts.


In this session we will be looking at how our scale can vary. It is important to always check the scale when reading data on a chart or graph. use the slides below and then complete the activity provided.

Maths - 1 hour


WOW: To solve questions with one or two steps by interpreting data presented in bar charts.


In this maths session, we will be starting to interpret the information in bar charts. This means we will be reading it and making sense of it. We will need to understand certain vocabulary to do this. Go through the learning video and then complete the work activities provided. You must READ the questions carefully before answering them.



Interpreting data lesson video

Still image for this video

Geography - 1 hour


WOW: To identify different types of services in the local area.


What do we have in our local area besides houses, shops and roads? What other services do people need? Today we are going to explore what different services there are available to use in our local area and how far away these are. Go through the slides first and think about our village. 


You have a choice of activities today. 

Activity 1:

Use the sheets provided and a map / online map to find your local services. Have you been to them? Design a map symbol for each service. 

Activity 2:  Design your own village/town using the picture cards of services provided. You will need to include a certain amount of houses. Think about how you will set your town/village out?  Which services will need to be near the centre? Why? Where would the best place for houses be? Should you have a school near a busy road? Would a bank be most useful by the shops or by the houses?



Art - 1 hour


This week we will be expressing ourselves using colour and paint in the style of Alma Thomas, an American artist. You will need some paper, a paintbrush, water and some watercolours or other paints you have available at home. Follow Mr Ysuf's guide and complete your own. How have your paintings made you feel today?  Did you choose certain colours? Which were they? Why might this be?