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Maths ( 1 hour)


WALT: estimate and measure in m and cm.


Today you will need a tape measure to piece of string.


  1. Start by warming up with
  2. Go through the teaching powerpoints / slides.
  3. Activity 1: Have a go at the different activities such as hopping, jumping or throwing a bean bag. Measure your distances in metre and centimetres and record - see the sheet below to help.
  4.  Activity 2 - Have a go at measuring the different parts of your body using your tape measure/ string and record them in metres and centimetres (m and cm = 1m 34cm). Present this in whatever way you like. 

REMEMBER – always line the object up to start at 0 or your measurement won’t be accurate!


English (1 hour)


WALT: read and appreciate a range of different poems.


Today's lesson is all about reading poems and finding a favourite. You might have some poetry books at home that you could read or explore some of the poems attached below?  Spend time reading through a range poems by different poets. I would like you to choose one of the poems that really appeals to you. Ask yourself 'What did I enjoy about it and why?'.

Once you have decided, copy it out in your best, cursive handwriting into your books and write a few sentences explaining why you choose it. You could even add your own illustration or border to brighten it up!



Science (1 hour)


WALT: know that a force can be thought of as a push or a pull.


Today we are starting our new topic in Science - FORCES. You will need to print off the booklet provided to work alongside the teaching video.  Please bring your completed booklet into school on the 8th March. I have shared some video's withing my video lesson with you however if you would like to watch these again in your own time to answer the questions then I have also put the link below for you.

Forces lesson 1 - Push and Pull

Still image for this video

Art (1 hour)


WALT: look through a mask and use pattern to create art inspired by Lois Mailou Jones.


Take a look at today's teaching video. I would like you to imagine looking through one of Jones' mask ( if you have some kind of mask at home, use that) and look about to see what patterns you can see. Once you have used a pencil to draw your mask and some patterns, use either pastels, chalks or crayons to colour in your picture.