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See power point from today's zoom - this should help you with putting your sequence together. Don't forget to send a video of your final sequence to the class email :)


Please copy and paste the above links to watch the skills and tricks videos.

Good Morning Swans' Class!


Hope you are all well.


We will be half way through the week by lunchtime - KEEP GOING.


Don't forget our zoom call today at 11.00AM. You don't need to be in PE kit for this activity :)




Miss Shaw

Reading - 45 mins


WOW: to continue to practise dictionary skills.


This week we are continuing with our dictionary work. Today you will go on a dictionary scavenger hunt. Use a dictionary that you may have at home or an online on like the one in this link: 


There are lots of sheets on the attachment. Choose 2 to complete.


Maths - 1 hour


WOW: to solve multiplication problems using the short (written method).


Click on the link below, then click the teaching video titled: 'Multiply 2 digits by 1 digits (with exchange)'.


Watch the teaching video below and work through the examples as you watch it on a whiteboard. Remember to pause the video and complete the examples at your own pace. When the video tells you to you can complete the sheet below. The questions get a little bit harder as you work through - try to complete the first half independently but don't forget to ask an adult for help when you need it :)

RE - 1 hour


WOW: to design and create a prayer mat using Islamic art.


Work through the power point and use the examples provided to create your own Islamic prayer mat. There is a template for you to use below.

Children's mental health week activity - 30 mins


Watch the following clip. How does the music make you feel? What emotions / feelings do you feel when listening to it? Can you list these? Why does it make you feel like that? Do you feel differently at different parts of the track?


Make your own piece of music or sounds to represent different emotions / feelings - you might have to create your own intsrument... be creative.

Children's mental health week activity - 45 mins


In this jar you can keep all your own special qualities and talents in one place. The purpose of the jar is to celebrate all your qualities and talents so you can look at them regularly and remind yourself of how special you are!


There are some statements below which have been started but need finishing by you. Try and think positively about yourself when you complete the statements. If you find this difficult then the adult you are with can help you.


The jar you use to keep your self-praise slips in needs to be something special to you. You can use a jam jar, coffee jar or a large glass storage jar. However, the jar needs to be made special and attractive to you.


Take your time decorating your jar and then put your self-praise slips into it. Once you have completed your jar, try to look at your jar every day for a few minutes and read the self-praise slips again.