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English - Comprehension (1 hour)


WALT: listen and discuss a non-fiction text (instructions)


Today we would like you to read the text 'How to wash you elephant'. Take a look at some of the key features of this instruction text.

Think about the following questions when you read it:


  • How is it set out and presented? 
  • What language does the author use? 
  • What is the text trying to do?


Now have a go at answering the comprehension questions about the text. 

Remember - select the text level suitable for you either 1, 2 or 3 star and answer the questions to match (see the bottom of the sheet for the stars ***)

French - (40 mins)


11.15 am ZOOM (see email for details)


WALT: practise recognising items of clothing in our wardrobe in French. 


For today's session you will need some of the following items of clothing next to you:  socks, shoes, t-shirt, shirt, skirt, dress, trousers, shorts, hoody,  jumper. If you don't have some of these items just draw a picture of one of them or use the flashcards below. We will be playing a little game with these so the bigger they are the easier this might be!wink

RE (1 hour)


Today you are going think about how Mary, the mother of Jesus, felt on the three most important days in Holy week: Jesus entering Jerusalem (Palm Sunday), the day Jesus died (Good Friday), and the day Jesus came back to life (Easter Sunday). 


Re-read the PowerPoint from last week to refresh your memory about Holy Week.

How do you think Mary Felt?


Complete the emotion word document, using words to describe how Mary might have felt.  What might she have said and to who?

Physical Activity - Cricket (45 mins)


Log on and join our weekly live Cricket session at 2pm today. Follow the live link below. Have fun and be confident!