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Hi Swans,


Firstly, a Happy Birthday to Lana!  We hope you have a lovely day what ever you are up to.  


Busy day again today - continuing with our work building up to newspaper writing and more yoga - I think you'll like this one :)




We have been asked to promote a competition that Shutter and Co, our village photographer, are running. It is a super idea with some lovely prizes. 


See the link and details below for more information. Please note the competition ends on Friday 5th Feb.

Sorry about the tight deadline but we only had the information through today. It is purely an optional extra!!


Would you like to WIN a signed copy of one of these fabulous books? All you need to do is:


Send us a drawing or painting of your favourite story book. 

Include your name and age. 


Please email or direct message us with a photo of your art work. The winner will be announced on Friday 5th Feb. 

Thank you our lovely friends Doreen Tipton & Dan Taylor, for signing their fabulous books as a very special prize.

English 1 - 45 mins


WOW: to write dictated facts about the Amesbury Archer.


Today in English you will start by working through the power point below to learn more about the Amesbury Archer. You will then go onto write dictated facts about the Amesbury Archer. Dictation English exercises are simply when someone reads something to you and you write it down - exactly how they say it - don't forget the correct punctuation! You will need to do this activity with an adult.


The reason we are doing this activity is to learn information about the famous Amesbury Archer. Over the next few weeks you are going to be writing a newspaper report about the discovery of the Amesbury Archer. So try and soak up as much information as possible - your dictation task will help with this!


English 2 - 45 mins


WOW: recount, drama and write about events.


Today you are going to find out WHO and HOW the Amesbury Archer was discovered. Please work through the power point and complete the activities as it tells you to.


By the end of the power point you should aim to know the answer to five key questions... WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY the Amesbury Archer was discovered.


You will be doing some reading, some acting and some writing to record your evidence. Next week you will be using this evidence to write your own newspaper report based on a certain someone find the famous Amesbury Archer.


Good luck newspaper reporters and enjoy.



Maths - 45 mins


WOW: to divide 2 digits by 1 digits.


Copy and paste this link into your internet browser:


This link will take you to teaching video titled: 'Divide 2 digits by 1 digits (1)'. I have also attached a power point for you to work through (the examples on this power point are the same as the video but you might want to use this format instead of the video).


Whilst watching the video or working through the power point you can pause and complete examples at your own pace. 


When the video / power point tells you to, please complete the sheet below. Try to complete as much as possible independently but please do ask an adult or watch the video again as this will help you.





PE - 30 mins


Complete the Harry Potter themed Yoga session by following the link and joining in with the moves.


REMEMBER! If it hurts... STOP.

COMPUTING - 30 mins


Follow the instructions in the app – ‘Sounds’ in the CHIMP sections of 2Code.


See ‘Sounds ANSWERS’ to guide you through the process if you get stuck... try not to look without having a good go first.


Follow the guide below to get to the right app on Purple Mash.


Find answers below... no peeking!