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Happy Friday and welcome to the last day of home learning - YAY! :)


Normal bits and bobs to get through today. Don't forget to send in your spelling and time table / division score (including what time table / division target you are now working on). You'll be pleased to know that after today there will be NO MORE QUIZZES ON FRIDAY'S until after the Easter holidays.


Don't forget to watch Stig of the Dump - chapter 6. We will be working on the final three chapters when you come back to school next week so it is important that you are up to date and ready to read, discuss and answer questions about all the chapters.


Enjoy your last day and we can't wait to see you all next week.


Don't forget to bring in your home learning books, a pencil case with everything listed on the Swan's page, water bottle and packed lunch if you are not having a school dinner.

*More information can be found about the return to school by clicking on the link below:

English - 45 mins


WOW: to spell words with a /k/ sound spelt with a 'ch'.


Before half term you learnt to spell words by creating negative meanings by adding the prefix dis - QUIZ: Ask an adult to quiz you on these spellings - did you get 10/10?


This week we are looking at spelling words with a /k/ sound spelt with a 'ch'.


Work through the power point and then complete at least TWO of the activities below.

Maths - 45 mins


WOW: practise and learn our times / division table targets.


1. COMPLETE QUIZ - ask an adult to quiz you on your times table target. 


You will need to choose one sheet to complete your quiz on below depending on whether you are working on an 'in order' or an 'out of order' times table / division target. Use this format (same as we use in school) to complete your quiz.


REMEMBER! You are only allowed 3 mins to complete the quiz and you must get 40/40 to move on to the next times table / division target.


2. MARK YOUR QUIZ using the multiplication charts below - use a different colour and correct any answers you get wrong.

Maths - 45 mins


WOW: to divide with remainders. 


Copy and paste the link below to watch the teaching video titled: 'to divide with remainders (3)'.


Watch the teaching video below and work through the examples as you watch it on a whiteboard. Remember to pause the video and complete the examples at your own pace. 


Teaching video:


Re- watch the video or work through the power point if you need to.

D+T  - 45 mins


WOW: to evaluate our Iron Age roundhouses suitable for a hillfort.


Last week you made your Iron Age roundhouses... I can't wait to see them... don't forget to send me a picture :)


Today you will be evaluating your Iron Age roundhouses. Open up the document and complete the questions. Please use your Year 3 writing skills when answering the questions and be honest with your responses :)