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Maths (45 mins - 1 hour)


WOW: To read and interpret data using tables.


Today we are looking at tables to present data. Go through the learning slides then complete the related activities.


Remember, you need to read up/down the columns and across the rows. 



Tables fluency lesson video

Still image for this video

English- BIG WRITE (1 hour)


See the Wonderful Weekly work for your English today.



French (45 mins)


WALT: listen to and copy pronunciation of colour words accurately.


We will be learning the different colour names in French today. Use the teaching video to help. Remember to practise saying the words to yourself and repeating after me.  Complete the activity provided. You could use paints to colour the paint splashes if you prefer?

French colour video

Still image for this video



WALT: be able to collect and record evidence.


Last week you used the questionnaire to collect data about how and where people travel to work. Today you are going to use this information to present what you have found in a car chart. 

Using the slides and worksheet attached to help guide you, create a bar chart to show how the adults travel to work. Answer the questions about your data after.