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Good morning,


Today is Safer Internet Day.  Take a look at today's worship to find out more. Take a look at some activities put up for you to complete when you have time. 

Maths (1 hour)


WOW: To interpret 1 and 2 step problems presented in tables.


Go through the slides below. Look carefully at what the information is telling you and how it will help you answer the questions. Complete the activity provided.


Maths (25-30 mins)


WOW: End of Block Assessment for Statistics


Now we have come to the end of our Statistics block we'd like you to complete a little quiz to see what you have learned and what we still need to practice. 


Parents - This activity will need to be timed (25-35 mins) and completed independently.  Please could you mark the quiz and then send us the results on the Swans email address. If you let us know which questions they struggled with, we will use this to inform our planning when we return to this area of maths later in the Summer Term. Thank you.

PSHE/ Computing




WALT: question what we see on the internet and if we trust it or not.


Today is 'Safer Internet Day' in the UK so we are going to be finding out about keeping safe on the internet by asking ourselves 'What is true and what is not true on the Internet?' Follow these steps.



  • Watch the SAFER INTERNET video below
  • Watch the teaching PPT by Mrs Jackman.
  • Complete the poster activity



Design a poster that says  'An Internet We Trust'. Try to include SOME OR ALL the words we talked about in the powerpoint: 

 Advert, profit, motive, unboxing, giveaway, merch, collab, affiliate link

Art (45 mins)


WOW: To learn about the artist Takashi Murakami and to use tracing to create a repeated image.


Today we are travelling to Japan to learn about the artist Takashi Murakami who is both an artist and fashion designer. He focuses on popular culture and uses lots of bright colours in his art work.


Watch the learning video to discover more and see how we can use a traced image, colour and layering for effect.