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Bonjour Swans,

Happy Birthday to Poppi-Mae for today! We hope you have a wonderful day.  I'm looking forward to seeing you nice and early today for our zoom French session.  We have a reading quiz for you so work hard with that!

See you in a bit.

French (9.30 - 10.10am)


Zoom Meeting - see details emailed out.

You will need a selection of items of the following colours - red, yellow, blue, green, pink, grey, orange, black, white, brown and purple.


English (reading) - 1 - 1.5 hours




Today you are going to complete your termly reading assessment - you will need to print this out to complete it. If you have any problems with printing please let us know ASAP and we will print it for you.


 Please complete this reading assessment COMPLETELY INDEPENDENTLY. You must also stop answering questions after 1 hour. Mrs Scotton and I will be looking at these to find out more about how you are getting on with your reading comprehension skills.




Find a quiet space to complete the assessment.

Ask an adult to tell you how long you've got left to complete the assessment if you are unsure.

Read the questions carefully and go back to the text if you need to.

Look for ques in the text to help you like KEY WORDS.


Good luck and try your best. :) You'll all be great!

RE (45 mins)


WAL: about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)


Use the video to find out about the Prophet Muhammad and then read through the PowerPoint about his life. 

Discuss with an adult  - Who does Prophet Muhammad remind you of in the Christian faith?


Muhammad (pbuh) could not read and the first words from God were "Read in the name of your lord". Have a go at copying the Urdu quote below using black paint and paintbrushes,

You could find your own too if you prefer. 


Physical Activity - Cricket (45 mins)


Using the live link today at 2 pm to join in with today's cricket lesson learning about fielding.

Take a look below at what you will need and use the link to join in.