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Morning Swans,


A Happy Birthday to Philip today.  We hope you have a great day!  

English - 1 hour


WOW: to write the opening paragraph for a newspaper report.


Work through the power point and write your 1st and 2nd paragraph for your newspaper report. Make sure you use a range of year 3 writing skills use the checklist from the BIG WRITE you did on Tuesday to remind yourself of the skills you need to use.


There are lots of examples of good 1st and 2nd paragraphs on the power point - USE THEM to help you build your paragraphs. Please write both your paragraphs in your home learning book.



Maths - 1 hour


WOW: to divide 2 digits by 1 digit numbers.


Copy and paste this link into your internet browser: https:


This link will take you to teaching video titled: 'Divide 2 digits by 1 digits (2)'. I have also attached a power point for you to work through (the examples on this power point are the same as the video but you might want to use this format instead of the video).


Whilst watching the video or working through the power point you can pause and complete examples at your own pace. 


When the video / power point tells you to, please complete the sheet below. Try to complete as much as possible independently but please do ask an adult or watch the video again as this will help you.



Physical activity - 25 mins


Complete the Minecraft Yoga session by following the link and joining in with the moves.


REMEMBER! If it hurts... STOP.

Computing - 45 mins


Follow the instructions in the app – ‘Tick tock clock challenge’ in the CHIMP sections of 2Code.


See ‘Tick tock clock challenge ANSWERS’ to guide you through the process if you get stuck... try not to look without having a good go first.


Follow the guide below to get to the right app on Purple Mash.


Find answers below... no peeking!