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Good morning Swans,

I hope that you are all feeling fit and healthy today and have calmed down since the excitement of yesterday's football match!

I was really looking forward to finishing off our Geometry topic with you as you had done some fantastic learning, but I'm sure you will continue to do a super job at home.  Remember to keep using and practising the vocabulary you have learnt.

Today you are going to be focussing on 3D shapes - these have 3 dimensions ( height, width and depth) and are solid shapes we can pick up. 

WOW: To recognise and describe 3-D shapes.


Using the learning video on the link provided, listen to the vocabulary used to describe different 3D shapes. Pause the video as you are going through and have a go at completing the sheet attached  (if you can't print off use the sheet on screen and write you answers on a piece of paper).








WOW: To construct nets of 3D shapes.


To make a 3D solid shape we need to use what we call a net. Each face has a 2D shape which we piece together. Go

through the slides / PowerPoint and then complete the matching 3 D sheets to their net activity 1

Now select 2/3 shapes to construct yourself using the templates provided or create some of your own. 

If you can’t print these templates off use some old junk modelling boxes and deconstruct them to see what they look like when they are flat. This is the net for the shape. You could also have a go at constructing your own net for a 3D shape of your choice.

Alternatively, use straws or pipe cleaners.




Last week we learnt all about Andy Goldsworthy and his wonderful Land art. You created some wonderful pieces of art inspired by nature last week. Now see if you can do your own outside in your own garden. Remember, use only natural objects to create your art and take a photo of your masterpiece when you have completed it. Please send it to the Swans email account for us to see.

Will you make a sculpture or put yourself into the artwork somehow such as creating a rain shadow?  We can't wait to see your creativity!