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Bonjour Swans,


Here's a riddle to get you thinking about our work today.


'I follow you around in the light but I'll say goodbye to you at night'

Today we will be focussing on science and finishing off our light topic. 



WOW: to recognise Roman Numerals to 12. 


Take a look at the video to find out about how we decode Roman Numerals and then use the PowerPoint to learn a little more. 

Now have a go at cracking the code using the sheets provided. Select the level to suit you. 



This term we have been learning all about light. Below are a variety of activities to complete.


You could also create a little booklet about light and share what you have learned so far in whatever way you would like. You can include things like a poster on how to stay safe in the sun, an advert for the perfect sun hat, a family quiz, pictures of your shadow puppets or the experiment on shadow length.


I look forward to seeing what you can come up with.



WOW: To find patterns when investigating how shadows change size. 


Using the slides below, have a go at setting up the experiment to test our shadow lengths. There is a video link attached below too.

You will need:

a torch ( use one on a phone if a torch not available)

an object to create a shadow

a ruler/something to measure the distance


Remember to think about how you will make it a fair test. What needs to stay the same, what will change?

Using the sheets attached (or writing them out in your own handwriting) complete your results and write up your conclusion. 


Science /Art


WOW: to create shadow art.


Watch the video in the link below. See if you can create your own puppets using card and scissors or just using your hands, see what shadow shapes you can create.