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It's Fabulous Friday everyone!


Today will be the last day of school work posted for a week.  Next week is half term so you will need to put your feet up and enjoy a well deserved rest. There will be a couple of activities for you to join in with which we will put on our page and on the newsletter.


We hope to get to see you all on our Zoom meeting today at 2pm (see information for this in the French tab and email your parents have been sent).


The topic will be French items of clothes -  'qu'est-ce qui'il y a dans la garde-robe?' (What is there in the wardrobe?)

For this you will need some of the following items of clothing (not all are necessary): trousers, vest, socks, shoes, t-shirt, shirt, jumper, shorts, dress, skirt, trousers, hoody/sweat shirt, pants. If they don't have some of these they can draw it or cut an example out of a magazine. 


A tout a l'heure!