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Welcome back children!


We trust that you have had a good break over half term and are ready for our new week of learning. We have some new topics this half term and we are looking forward to giving out some ''Virtual Learning Tickets'' (VLT) for your hard effort and great work! How many can you collect? Don't forget to complete your art work for today and email it to the swans emails as it is your Wonderful Weekly Work this week.


Have a great day Swans.

Maths Fluency Warm-up (15min)




Go to the daily expected activities and select a subtraction sheet to have a go at, either subtracting tens, ones or hundendreds. This is about working on your mental speed and accuracy so time yourself and then mark them. Have a go at them every day this week and see how much faster you can get.  Use your place value to help. 

Maths (1 hour)


This week we are starting on our 'Measure' topic in Maths.


WALT: estimate and measure in centimetres (cm) and millimetres (mm) using a ruler.


For today’s lesson you will need a ruler (if you do not have one print off the printable ruler provided or use a tape measure if available.)


  1. Go through the learning video/ slides provided to check you understanding of how to read a ruler, how to estimate and how to practise deciding which unit of measure (cm or m) you would use to measure a certain item.
  2. Try measuring some items around your house. Estimate what their length is first.
  3. Complete the sheet provided by estimating and then measuring the lines OR if you do not have a printer ask an adult to draw some lines (cm and cm ½) for you in your book and have a go at estimating and then measuring them.  Present your work in a table.

Maths lesson -

Still image for this video

English  - Performance Poetry (1 hour)


This is the first day of our Performance Poetry topic!  


WALT: read, listen to and understand poems that can be performed.


1. Use the video lesson to find out about today's English Lesson.

2. Go to the links provided to listen to 'The Pig'

3. Read the poem yourself, underline words that you are unsure of. You could check these in a dictionary or ask an adult. 

4. Answer the questions provided about the poem.

English Lesson - poetry

Still image for this video

Art (1-2 hours)


WALT: explore eye-catching and bold lettering to express an important slogan in the style of Bob and Roberta Smith (AKA Patrick Brill).


Ok, you will need paper, felt tip pens, pencils and if you like a ruler.

1. Watch the art tutorial video for today. 

2.Practise writing in 3D block or bubble writing and shading.

3. Decide on an important slogan about art that you want to share or use one of Bob and Roberta Smith's shown. Take some time and discuss this with a parent, friend or sibling as this is the really important bit. How does art make you feel? Think of a message you want to get across to people about what you think is important in the world, this could be related to other things too.

4. Draw it out in pencil and then use 3 different alternating colours.

5. Send in your finished designs to our Swans email address to share on our gallery pages.