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English 1.5 hours


WOW: to write the main body of a newspaper report.


Today is the big day... you are going to be writing the MAIN BODY of your newspaper report.


1. Look at and read the opening two paragraphs that you have already written before half term to remind yourself of what you have already done.


2. Watch the teacher video and then work through the power point to remind yourself of the key points before starting.




All this writing should be in your topic / English books for now. Next week we will be copying our final edited newspaper reports onto 'newspaper report' writing paper.


Please remember that I am going to be asking you to email in YOUR FINAL newspaper report when we have completely finished which I will be using for assessment :) 

Maths - 45 mins 


WOW: to divide with remainders. 


Copy and paste the link below to watch the teaching video titled: 'to divide with remainders'.


Watch the teaching video below and work through the examples as you watch it on a whiteboard. Remember to pause the video and complete the examples at your own pace. 


Teaching video:


There is no worksheet today. I would like you to complete the questions on the power point instead - you can record these in you home maths books, if you wish.



Physical activity - 1 hour


Use link 1 first: file:///N:/Downloads/Newspaper_dance.pdf


Read through the above link and play the game with your family members.


Use link 2 next: file:///N:/Downloads/Dancing.pdf


Start by dancing to your favourite song from start to beginning - as you dance think about what your body is doing and how it is moving.


Once you have finished listening and dancing to your favourite song, using the same song, or a different one if you would like, create a dance routine to the count of 8. In other words create different dance moves that you repeat for around 8 seconds (I like to count to 8).


For example you might step forward for 4 counts and then step back for 4 counts (all together that is a count of 8). Then create a different set of dance moves for a count of 8.


Top tip: Don't over complicate it and have fun!


How many different dance moves are in your routine? Did you manage to perform them to a count of 8 each time? Can you perform to your family? Can you teach your family?

Computing - 45 mins


Follow the instructions in the app – ‘Magician’ in the CHIMP sections of 2Code.


See ‘Magician ANSWERS’ to guide you through the process if you get stuck... try not to look without having a good go first.


Follow the guide below to get to the right app on Purple Mash.


Find answers below... no peeking!