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25th - 27th November 2020

Wow, it's the middle of the week already, gosh. Here are your home learning activities for the rest of the week.



English: Read the comprehension passage and answer the questions.

Maths: Play the guess the number word game and then try and find the different number words in the wordsearch. Practise writing all your number words from ten to twenty.

Geography: Today we are going to describe where we live. Think about the country of the United Kingdom that you live in. What is it's capital/flag/food? Find where you live on the map. Where do you live and what is it like? Write and draw what the features and facilities you have.



English/Science: Today we are going to use our senses to describe our environment. Stand outside. What things can you see, small, touch, hear? Can you think of some good describing words to match each one. Put it into a sentence e.g. 

I can feel the cold wind.

Maths: Today we are going to learn how to split a number into tens and ones. Watch the White Rose video. Get some cubes/ counters. Grab a handful. Count how many you have. Count ten of them and put them in a group. How many groups do you have? How many left? Write down e.g. 13 is 1 group of ten and 3 ones. Repeat with different numbers to 20.



Today we are having our Christmas art day. We are creating a whole school nativity and a holly garland. Colour in the Christmas nativity picture and make some holly out of paper. Find out all about the nativity and the people you can see.

PE: Practise your throwing, catching, aiming at a target and dribbling a ball around some obstacles using the correct techniques- insides of your feet for dribbling!


Finish the day with some quiet reading.