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Autumn and Harvest

This week we have introduced the topic of 'Autumn and Harvest'. We are learning our new Harvest song in preparation for our performance at the Harvest Festival. In our maths work we have been counting sets of conkers, comparing them and combining them to make a total. We have matched sets to number cards also. In literacy we have been reading the story 'The Little Red Hen' and acting it out. We talked about how the characters might be feeling and had a go at writing some 'sorry' letters. We have been exploring colour mixing, Percy the Park Keeper' small world play, writing speech bubbles and exploring our windmill themed role-play area. We have been weighing the grain and using the guttering to make conkers runs!
Picture 1 Team work
Picture 2 Marble Printing
Picture 3 Bubble Printing
Picture 4 Hibernate with a good book
Picture 5 Silly Soup
Picture 6 Can you hear the initial sound?
Picture 7 How many bugs can you collect in 1 minute?
Picture 8 Small World Farm
Picture 9 Masking tape tree printing
Picture 10 What can you make with 1 cup of lego?
Picture 11 Matching dominoes to numbers
Picture 12 Large scale group tree art
Picture 13 Leaf Printing
Picture 14 Autumn Colours
Picture 15 Emergent Writing
Picture 16 Balloon Printing
Picture 17 Splatter Printing
Picture 18 Look what I have made!
Picture 19 Careful counting
Picture 20 Matching numerals to sets
Picture 21 Which set has more?
Picture 22 Autumn books
Picture 23 The Bakery
Picture 24 How many cakes?
Picture 25 Writing simple words
Picture 26 Which is heavier?