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We are really looking forward to Christmas and over the next few weeks will be preparing for it. We have been learning our song ready for the Nativity performance. We have been making Christmas cards and calendars. We all took part in a whole school Christmas art day and will be doing lots of Christmas crafts.
Picture 1 Marbling technique for calendars
Picture 2 Carol singing!
Picture 3 Christmas stories
Picture 4 Learning about the first Christmas
Picture 5 Delivering all of those Christmas letters
Picture 6 Christmas post office role-play
Picture 7 Splatter printing for our cards
Picture 8 Christmas wreaths
Picture 9 Exploring old and new toys
Picture 10 Truffle baskets
Picture 11 Finger printing decorations
Picture 12 Making Christmas cards
Picture 13 Placing baby Jesus in the manger
Picture 14 Say cheese!
Picture 15 Making Christmas crackers
Picture 16 Decorating our crackers
Picture 17 Making labels
Picture 18 Our wonderful truffles!
Picture 19 Our presents for our families
Picture 20 Christmas Craft
Picture 21 Folding the Santa hats
Picture 22 Making snowmen
Picture 23 Working together
Picture 24 Making cotton wool snowmen
Picture 25 Decorating Father Christmas
Picture 26 Following instructions
Picture 27 Having great fun!
Picture 28 What do we need to do next?
Picture 29 Adding detail
Picture 30
Picture 31
Picture 32
Picture 33
Picture 34 Proud of our work
Picture 35 The finish product
Picture 36 They are wonderful!
Picture 37 Christmas cards
Picture 38 Our calendars