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Creative Curriculum for week beginning: 4th January 2021

There will be more work posted on this page. We are starting to look at pottery and potters from the past. Can you research where clay comes from what its like and what it can be turned into? Then have a look around your house and draw and label all the things that can bemade out of clay. You can record this work in your Purple books.


Today we are going to learn how you can keep your body healthy and safe by the choices you are make. Open the powerpoint and work through it together. Stop at the points indicated to discuss issues and complete the activities.


Today we are going to learn what happens when we add black or white to a colour.

Think about last term when we mixed the primary colours together.

What were the primary colours? When we mixed two together what happened? Which primary colours made green, purple and orange? What happened when we mixed all three together?

Today pick a primary or secondary colour. Paint a stripe with it. Add some white and paint another stripe. Keep adding white and painting stripes. What do you notice? Repeat the process but this time keep adding black. What do you notice this time? Which do you prefer the darker shades or the lighter shades. Repeat with a different start colour. This time in stead of stripes try and paint a picture only using light and dark shades of the same colour.



In RE we are going to learn key features of the Isalmic faith.

We are going to learn that: Muslims believe in one God, Allah. Muslims are people who follow the faith called Islam. Allah is the Arabic name for God the Creator.

Play ‘Simon Says’.  How do we decide what we should do in real life?  Explain that lots of people decide because of what they believe.  We are going to find out what Muslims believe. Explain that Islam began in the part of the world called Arabia. 

Find on a map.  Explain that the language called Arabic is very important to Muslims.  Look at some Arabic writing.  In Arabic the word for God is Allah.  Muslims believe that there is no god but Allah.  Try writing his name in Arabic. See Sheet.

Tell the children that people who try to follow Allah and the things we are learning about are called Muslims – they submit to Allah’s way of peace.  Their beliefs are called the Islamic faith.

Discuss whose names are important to children, and why? Maybe ‘Mum’ or ‘Dad’....  Make a list of names that describe the characteristics of their mum e.g. mum the lunchbox-maker etc.  Children to record some of these ideas.

    Talk about people important to them and how they treat them with respect, and learn from their example.