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Creative Curriculum Task

Today you are going to be a wizard and make a potion! What potion could you make? What would you like it to do? What could you put in your potion? Look at your selection of materials/ingredients e.g. lemonade, flour, jelly cubes, food colouring, glitter, chocolate cubes, ping pong ball eye balls, laces (rat’s tails). Discuss which are edible and non-edible items. If we mix them together do you think it would be nice to eat? Look at the recipe and read the numerals. Read and select the right ingredient and quantity. Handle the ingredients and describe. If we mix these two ingredients together what do you think will happen? Why? What happens to chocolate if you heat it? Cool it? Encourage predictions to be made as each item is added - what do you think will happen? Discuss how the mixture changes.

*Below is the recipe we will be using in school, please use whatever ingredients and resources you have available and create a similar recipe to follow.