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Creative Curriculum


PE-Practise throwing and catching a tennis sized ball. Throw the ball at a target. How accurate were you? Can you hit a ball using a bat?


HISTORY-Research Sir Francis Drake. Who was he? Is he still alive? What did he do? What was life like when he was alive? Use the kiddle search engine.


ART-Look at the Van Gogh Pictures of Starry Night and Sunflowers. How do the pictures make you feel? Think about the colours. What words describe the colours the artist has used? Which picture is painted with warm colours and which picture is painted with cold colours? Which colours do you think are warm? Which colours do you think are cold? Complete the sheet colouring one picture in warm colours and the other in cold colours.


PSHE- We are learning to think about the star qualities we possess and the qualities we would like to develop. Follow the powerpoint and then complete the 'Star Qualities' Sheet.