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The children have been really keen to learn more about dinosaurs! This week they have enjoyed learning lots of new dinosaur names and have researched lots of new and exciting facts. In literacy we have been reading and writing dinosaur fact cards. We have explored non-fiction books and talked about features that you find in them. In our maths work we created a dinosaur shop and counted out sets of coins before combining them to make a total. In our creative curriculum we have designed and made dinosaurs from clay. We thought carefully about which materials we would combine and how we might decorate them.
Picture 1 Clay dinosaurs
Picture 2 Look at my design!
Picture 3 Combining sets
Picture 4 Blending words
Picture 5 Counting carefully
Picture 6 What's inside the egg?
Picture 7 3D Dinosaurs
Picture 8 Combining materials
Picture 9 Dinosaur fact cards
Picture 10 Small World - Dinosaurs
Picture 11 Imaginative play
Picture 12 Hold on tight!
Picture 13 Developing knife and fork skills
Picture 14 Moulding the clay
Picture 15 Label the dinosaur
Picture 16 What sounds can you hear?
Picture 17 Dinosaur dress-up
Picture 18 Reading dinosaur facts
Picture 19 Making jungle flowers
Picture 20 How long is an Apatosaurus?
Picture 21 Finding letters in the dinosaur swamp