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Easter and Spring

We have been learning about eggs! In our Literacy work, we watched a video clip which showed different types of eggs and where they are laid. We wrote detailed sentences telling others 'What hatches out of an egg'. In our maths work we used eggs to count in multiples of 2 and then worked on sharing them fairly between different nests. We recorded our findings using part, part, whole and number sentences. We have also been exploring 3D shape. We tested different shapes to see if they roll or slide. We have been singing the nursery rhyme 'Humpty Dumpty' and created our own 'Get Well Soon' cards for him. We have really enjoyed exploring eggs! We used hard boiled eggs to complete some science experiments. We wrapped our eggs in different materials to see if it changed their speed when rolled. We made predictions about which egg would have the least/most cracks and rolled it down a ramp. We then designed and made our own egg helmets and protective suits before taking our eggs around an obstacle course and launching them!
Picture 1 How long did it take?
Picture 2 What happened to the eggs?
Picture 3 Wrapping eggs in different materials
Picture 4 Ready, steady, GO!
Picture 5 Symmetrical eggs
Picture 6 Sharing the eggs fairly
Picture 7 How many eggs in each nest?
Picture 8 Which shapes slide?
Picture 9 Which shapes roll?
Picture 10 How fast does it travel?
Picture 11 Egg costume designs
Picture 12 What materials will I need?
Picture 13 Decorating our eggs
Picture 14 Mine has metal armour!
Picture 15 Joining and attaching materials
Picture 16 Adapting our work
Picture 17 A bottle top helmet
Picture 18 Lovely designs
Picture 19 Animal number sentences
Picture 20 Sharing the animals equally
Picture 21 Making patterns
Picture 22 Farm Small World Play
Picture 23 Egg printing with potato mashers
Picture 24 How many animals in each field?
Picture 25 Our 'Easter Garden'
Picture 26 Testing our eggs
Picture 27 What happened?
Picture 28 Was your egg protected?