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This week, we will be working on PERFORMANCE POETRY. This is when you perform a poem for an audience.....DON'T PANIC will only have to perform to your family!

Watch both of the videos below.


After you have watched both videos, try performing the poem yourself. You can do it in a similar way to Michael Rosen or  in your own way.

Today's lesson is all about PRACTISE.

You will not be  performing to a family member until Wednesday's lesson. so PRACTISE...PRACTISE...PRACTISE....!

To begin with,you may want to read along with Michel Rosen's video.

The sheet below has the poem's words on it. It is a LONG poem so you only have to pratise the red words ...unless you want to go to the end. You may even prefer a differentsection of the poem that you would lito perform. You can decide.