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Food Science

Keeping our teeth healthy is really important in keeping those nasty illnesses away so here are some amazing activities you can do to learn all about teeth and how to keep them clean. 


Do you clean your teeth correctly? 

To find out more about teeth and how to keep them clean go to:




Here is a really cool experiment to help you learn all about acids. Acids are found in many foods and drinks and too much can be not only bad for our teeth but for our bodies too. You will learn about how much acid is in our everyday drinks and some of the results may just surprise you!!


We all know that too much fatty food isn't good for us and this is a really cool experiment that will show you what foods have high amounts of fat in them and which ones are a more healthy. Have a go:



How cool would it be if you could take a piece of left over food and re-grow it again!!! Sounds crazy doesn't it, but why don't you try to re-grow these foods. You may just be amazed!!!