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Food Science

Keeping your teeth clean is vitally important for your health. Knowing how to do properly will help you keep your teeth in perfect condition. Have a look at the poster below and go to the 2 links here to learn more about teeth by playing some games.



Here is a really cool experiment for you to do by testing the acidity in drinks. Acids can really damage your teeth and you may be surprised how much acid there is in everyday drinks.

Do you think fats are healthy for us? Well the answer is yes and no!! Some fats can  be healthy for us but some can be harmful. In the next experiment you are going to become fat busters and test out which foods contain the most fats.


Finally an really eco-fiendly recycling experiment for you. Did you know you can re-grow food from scraps? Well there are lots of magical foods out there that will literally re-grow!!! Check out this poster and see if you can upcycle any of these......