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Friday 15-01-21

English - new spellings


WOW: Year 3 statutory words (no spelling rule).


Last week you practised spelling adverbs that end in 'ly'. QUIZ: Ask an adult to quiz you on these spellings - did you get 10/10?


This week we are looking at spelling year three statutory words that don't follow a spelling rule. 


Work through the power point and then complete at least TWO of the activities below.






WOW: practise and learn our times table targets.


1. COMPLETE QUIZ - ask an adult to quiz you on your times table target. 


You will need to choose one sheet to complete your quiz on below depending on whether you are working on an 'in order' or an 'out of order' times table target. Use this format (same as we use in school) to complete your quiz.


REMEMBER! You are only allowed 3 mins to complete the quiz and you must get 40/40 to move on to the next times table target.


2. MARK YOUR QUIZ using the multiplication charts below - use a different colour and correct any answers you get wrong. 


3. PRACTISE your new times table target or your existing target if you didn't get 40/40.



The order you will learn and practise your times tables are listed below:




X2, X5, X10, X3, X4, X6, X8




X2, X5, X10, X3, X4, X6, X8


Please use this extra time wisely and practise your target times table ready for the quiz NEXT Friday (15.01.20).


Use the following strategies to help you practise:


1. Practise writing the times tables out in your homework book - can you present them in fun ways to help you remember them?


2. Practise chanting the times table you are working on, e.g. 1X2 = 2, 2X2 =4, 3X2=6 and so on.


3. Ask an adult to test you by asking you random sums, e.g. if you are practise your X2 they might say: 1x2 or 2x2 or 3x2 


4. You could use an I -pad or computer to practise on the following websites /APPS below:



WOW: understand what copper mining meant to the people in the Bronze Age.


Work through the power point and the complete the 'Becoming a Copper Child Application Form'. Choose a  1 STAR, 2 STAR or 3 STAR sheet depending how confident you feel.


Key questions think about and answer: 

Why Bronze?

How is Bronze made?

What was the metal used for? Why?

What Bronze Age artefacts are there?

How was copper mined?

Why was copper mining important to the people of the Bronze Age?

What was the Beaker Culture?

What countries were included in the Bronze Age?




Create a flow diagram to explain the bronze-making process - USE KIDREX to find out the bronze - making process.


Design a ‘Beaker People’ style pot. Sketch a design first and then create a ‘Beaker People’ pot using clay or play dough. Don't forget to carve detailed designs into your pot. Use the pictures on KIDREX to guide you.