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Home Learning Pre-School 2017/18

Wk Bg 09/10/11


  •  Can you put your own shoes on?
  • Can you find Autumn treasures and sort them into colours and size groups?
  • Can you use your toys at home to go on an Autumn adventure?

Wk bg 16/10/2017

  • Can you help clean the house with a grown up?
  • Can you paint or draw a firework picture?
  • Can you use an i-pad or computer to find out about Diwali (yuo might need a grown up to help)?
  • Can you take and print off an "Autumn Selfie"? Where are you ? What are you doing?

Wk Bg 30/10/2017

  • Can you practice counting down from 5?
  • What songs do you know that count down from five?
  • Can you go on a walk; what sounds can you hear?
  • Can you practice writing your name?

Wk Bg 13/11/2017

  • Can youn put your own shoes and socks on?
  • Can you learn to cross the road safely?
  • Can you read a book with rhyming words?


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Wk Bg 06/11/2017

  • Where do you live? Whats your address?
  • Can you use the telephone to make a telephone call?
  • Can you make an emergency vehicle at home?

            Recycled items, lego, playdough

Wk Bg 20/11/2017

  • When is your birthday? How old are you?
  • Can you look at photographs of your birthday and how you celebrated it?
  • Can you find some rhyming words?




Wk Bg 27/11/2017

  •  What sound does your name start with?
  • What other words start with the same sound?


Wk Bg 04/12/2017

  • How do you celebrate Christmas?
  • Can you write a Christmas card and post it?
  • Can you draw or paint a Christmas picture?
  • Can you dress up in a Christmas outfir?

   We'd love to see a photo

WK BG  03/01/18 & 08/01/18



Wk Bg 15/01/18 & 22/01/18

  • Ask a grown up to sing '5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer' with you.
  • Can you put your own shoes and socks on.
  • Can you draw a picture of an Alien.
  • Phonics phase 2 s a t p i n 

Wk Bg 29/01/2018

  • Can you be a super dresser and get dressed by yourself.
  • Can you read a superhero book.
  • Can you play 'Buried treasure' phase 2 + i+ n on

WK BG 05/02/2018

  •   Can you find a story about the big city?
  • Can you draw a picture of something you might see in the city?
  • Can you talk about similarities and differences between the city and where you live?
  • Can you play a board game?


WK BG 26/02/2018

  • How many people live in your house? Can you draw them/
  • Can you use your role play toys to make a special tea for your family?
  • Can you help at home with cleaning and jobs/
  • Can you play phase 2 Flash cards?

WK BG 05/03/2018

  • Can you tell your family about the ducklings in school ?
  • What other animals come from an egg? Can you draw them?
  • Can you sing 5 Little Ducks 
  • Phonics- Can you play cvc snakes and ladders? Can you sing the alphabet song? Think about the letter name and the sound it makes.

Wk Bg 12/03/18

  • Can you take a photograph of signs of spring?
  • Can you make your own food to feed the ducks on the canal? (Visit the canal & river trust for more information.)
  • Can you play number spot when you are out and about? Can you spot numbers on houses, road signs or in shops?
  • Phonics - Can you play listening game on Youtube-phase 1 phonics listening games 1,2 &3

Wk Bg 19/03/18

  • Can you make an Easter Bonnet?Can you bring it to nursery on Thursday 29th March for an Easter Parade?
  • Can you find out about how people celebrate Easter around the world?
  • Can you go on a shape hunt? What shapes can you see outside?

Wk bg 15/05/18

  • Can you play a rhyming game based on wedding items? Can you think of words that rhyme with cake, hat, ring?
  • Look a photographs of a family wedding with a grown up and talk about what you see
  • Can you make a wedding card with a message inside?