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The week we have had a whole school 'science week'. In early years we chose to explore the topic of 'Ice'. We talked about what ice is and how it can be made and changed. We investigated how quickly ice melts in a range of environments and talked about why this differs. We found out some information about animals that live in cold, icy places. We then carried out an investigation about how blubber helps animals to keep warm in cold environments. 

Picture 1 Making a home for the penguins
Picture 2 Fine Motor - Snowflakes
Picture 3 Igloo Role-play
Picture 4 Frozen Animals
Picture 5 What melts the ice?
Picture 6 How quickly is it melting?
Picture 7 Polar animals - How do they stay warm?
Picture 8 Does fur keep you warm?
Picture 9 What does the salt do?
Picture 10 Does the oil help to keep your hands warm?
Picture 11 Building sugar cube igloos
Picture 12 Igloo Role-play
Picture 13 Discovery Area - Penguins
Picture 14 What happens to the ice?
Picture 15 Releasing the gems from the ice castle
Picture 16 Painting ice - Colour Mixing