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This week, we are working and calcuting with money.

How good are you at knowing your coins and converting them from pence to pounds the other way?

You will  all have had different experiences with money at home since year 3.

Some of you will have pocket money, some of you may go to the shop and use money, others may not have had much experience yet with money.

This week, like with our TIME unit of learning, you will need to decide which of the activity sheets best suits your level of understanding of money.

To help decide:

  • Read through the Powerpoint 
  • Print off the coin values mat (this may help you this week)





When you have done this, continue below if you understood the powerpoint.  Do this all week.

If you need more revision, go to the WHITE folder below now and follow the WHITE folder learning all week.

If you are continuing below:


  • Read through the next powerpoint below.
  • The activity sheet below has 3 different levels and the answers
  • Decide which activity sheet think is suitable to your understanding.


D: some experience

E: confident

GD: Very confident

If you need a little more practice, here is folder.