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Maths for week beginning: 4th January 2021

Further resources will be posted at a later in the week.

Please practise the quick recall of  number bonds to 10 and ensure that all numbers are correctly orientated and that number words to twenty are correctly spelt.

As a challenge how many different ways can you represent the numbers in this fact family. 

10   7   3

Think about part part whole models, bar models, number sentences pictures, ten frames and numberlines.


Today we are going to learn to count forward from a given number when adding. Look at the powerpoint. Think about how you do not need to to re-count the first number. Find it circle it and then and count on.  If you would like you can also watch the counting on clip. See link below. Have a go at completing the addition work sheet using the number line.

Now see if you can solve these number sentences using the numberline you took home. Try not to write on it!






Extension: Choose sheet 2. Solve the number problems using the number line. Where the number line is blank write your start number in the first position, jumps the required jumps and then starting from your first number count to where you have got to.


Today we are learning that addition sentences can be done in any order.

Look at the sum 16 + 3 =

Use your numberline. Find 16 and do 3 jumps. Which number do you land on?

Now lets try 3 + 16 =

Use your numberline. Find 3 and do 16 jumps. Which number do you land on? Do it again just to check. What have you found out?


Complete the worksheet by using the numberlines to work out the answer. Circle which sum you think is easiest.

What have you found out? What will you do in future?


Today we are going to learn how to make number bonds to 20.

First find all the different number bonds for 10. Use 10 objects to help you or even your fingers. Write them down. Can you show them in a Part part whole model? Can you show them in a 10 frame? Can you show them in a bar model? Can you show them in a number sentence?

Now watch the white Rose video for find and make number bonds. You do not have the workbook so will not need to do the questions as instructed. Discuss the different concepts that come up. When the clip has finished have a go at making number bonds to 20? Which number bonds to 10 are helpful?

Use the worksheet if you feel your child needs a structure to support this concept. If they can visual the relationship between number bond to 10 and number bond to 20 they can record them directly into their books. Which model are they going to use or are they going to use a mixture?