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Monday 10th January 2022

Good morning and welcome to the start of another busy week,

Today we have phonics, English and maths planned, and then this afternoon we are learning how to put out the equipment in the hall!. You will not be able to do the latter so please do some form of exercise be it dance or doing a Joe Wicks workout from last year.

Before you start the day please make sure you have a non-fiction book to hand as you will need it for phonics and English.

In maths we are learning to compare groups using numbers to 20. Watch the video clip and then complete the activity.

In phonics we are learning to read and write words containing the alternative 'c' graphemes. Copy down these sentences:

How quick can a fox climb?

School teachers are kind!

Can you find all the words containing a 'c' phoneme. Write down how the 'c' is made. Now use your book and the sheet to see if you can find any other words containing the 'c' graphemes.

In English we are learning to recognise the features of a non- fiction text. The NF check list has all the features. Can you find them in your non-fiction book and give examples?. 

Put any completed work in your purple homework book.

Have a good day.

Mrs Lloyd