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Monday 11-01-21

Bonjour la classe!


And welcome to our new week of Home Learning.  Follow the video link below to get your week started.

Don't forget we have our Wonderful Weekly Work to complete at some point before Wednesday. You can decided when you do this but please get an adult to email it in to us using our class email:

Maths: MONEY


WOW: Pounds and Pence


For our topic on money it will be useful to either gather together some coins or draw and cut out some of your own. You will need a 1p, 2p, 5p 10p 20p 50p £1 and £2. You could draw out your own £5.00 and £10.00 bills.


Take a look through the ppnt/ slides to help guide you through how to answer some of the questions and then complete the activity.  Remember the greater than or lesser than sign - we call them Charlie the crocodile.  He likes to eat the bigger numbers!


Complete the level sheet you normally do in class however if you find it too easy or too hard, try a different one. 


English: SPaG

WOW: To use commas in lists where they are needed


Last week we went over how to use commas correctly in lists.  Today we'd like you to write sentences to describe the pictures or scenes using commas between your adjectives or phrases correctly. Write these directly into your book and either cut out the picture to go next to it or draw it out yourself. 

If you need a reminder about how to use commas in lists then go through the slides again to jog your memory.



WOW: to learn the names of body parts in French.


This week we are learning the names of some body parts in French. Use the Powerpoint to read and play the sound buttons to hear the names of these body parts then complete the two activities suggested. 


Activity 1: Matching pairs - Use the vocabulary and picture flashcards ( or draw your own) to play a game of matching pairs. Say the name of the body part out loud every time you turn one over to practice.


Activity 2: Complete the body part activity sheet to practice recognising how the words are written. 


We will try and get a zoom session organised for us to play a game with these, so learn them well!


Bon chance Swans!


Read through the activity below and complete it with a family member if you can. Use the sheet attached for the instructions. Maybe you could create some of your own too? Send us a picture or video of you completing it.

Enjoy and keep active!