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Monday 25.01.21

Bonjour children,


And how are you all?  Did you have a lovely weekend? I hope so.  If you haven't already, take a look at the weekly message and then get going on your Daily Activities. There is a new maths activity on money. Have a good day!

English- SPaG


WOW: To practise using contractions correctly in our writing.


Watch the learning video or go through the powerpoint slides to remind yourself again about contractions. You will need your home learning book, whiteboard and pen. Have a go at correcting Shrek's letter to Donkey and Puss in boots then write back to one of them including as many contractions as possible.

Remember to try and use as many of your Year 3 writing skills as you can. 



WOW: To interpret data using bar charts


Today in maths we are beginning a new topic- Statistics.

First, take a look at the video link to remind yourself of some of the ways we can present data (information).  


Today we are going to be focusing on bar charts. Labelling the parts and trying to interpret them. That means trying to make sense of the information and understanding what it is telling us. 


Now go through the slides provided and then have a go at the level activity you feel is right for you. There is also an extension to complete. 



WOW: To understand and respond to action words.


Salut les enfants! Comment ca va?  

Today, we are going to be learning some different actions in French. Go through the learning video to practise your words from last week and then practise following the action words in French.


Complete the activity provided.


On Wednesday we will have a French zoom to go through them again.

French lesson - Actions

Still image for this video

PE- Outdoor, Adventurous Activities


WOW: giving and following instructions


Our lesson today is related to Geography and orienteering. Try the activity below.