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Monday 18-01-21

Bonjour Swans Class and welcome to Week 2 of Home school Learning. Hopefully, you will have watched Miss Shaw's weekly message so that you have a better idea of what we have lined up for you this week. I have made a couple of lesson presentations for you to watch which I hope you find helpful. Happy Birthday to Hamish today,  I hope you manage to celebrate it in whatever way you can.  Hopefullu, you might have some birthday wishes from your friends. Don't forget to listen to Mr Smith sing you happy birthday on the school pages. 







WOW: To subtract money


Continuing with our theme of money we are going to learn how we can subtract money today. This is important especially when we start to look at giving change.

Go to   You will need to click on Summer Term Week 3 (W/C 4th May )

Watch the video with your whiteboard and pen. Pause the video and have a go at the questions as you are going through. Then complete the sheet attached.





WOW: To recognise when to use the apostrophe for contractions.


Today we will be learning about one of the ways we use the apostrophe - for contractions. Watch the learning video, or go through the PowerPoint in your own time, then complete the activity suitable for you.




WOW: to learn the song head shoulders knees and toes.


Last week you began to learn the words for some of the body parts in French. Watch my presentation and have a go at responding to the words. Are you able to touch the correct part of your body? 


Use the link below to learn the song 'head, shoulders, knees and toes'. 


Activity: Using a photograph, or a drawing of yourself, label the different parts of your body. Use the words below to help.


WOW: To create your own set of instructions for a workout.


See Wonderful Weekly Work.