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Monday 23rd November 2020

Good morning,

Hope you are feeling ok. Today we have got English, Maths PE and ICT. A busy day!

English: Today we are going to learn the alternative ways for pronouncing 'c' and 'g'. Start with phonics play revising all phase 3 and phase 5a flash cards. Go through the powerpoint. Practise reading and writing the different words. Have a look through some books and see what words you find with 'c' and 'g'.

Dictate the following sentences. Can you remember how to write them?

Can you grow ginger in your magic garden?

Danger, do not  cycle on a cylinder.

Maths: Today we are going to read and count numbers to 20. Watch the white rose video clip. Then using the ten frame worksheet and counters make different numbers. How do we write them. Write the numbers from 10 to 20 going up and down. What come before 12? What comes after 12?

PE: Today we are going to practise our throwing and catching both under arm and over arm. Practise throw and catching the ball to yourself and a partner. Aim your ball at an object can you hit it? Can you invent a game?

ICT: Today we are going to follow and create simple instructions on a computer.

Log into purple mash and then follow the instructions. An adult will be needed to support this activity.


Finish the day with some quiet reading.