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Pencil case contents

Last year, we learnt that flat, see- through pencil cases were better than cylinder/barrel shapes pencil cases as it was easier to find equipment quickly in a flat pencil case (especially if it was transparent). The cylinder shaped pencil cases tended not to fit into school trays easily, meaning that trays couldn't be pushed closed.


In your Year 3 pencil case, you will need to bring into school:


  • x2 'HB' grade pencil (best for not smudging)
  • a white pencil rubber
  • Red 'BIC' biro pen (best for not smudging)
  • small 15 centimetre ruler
  • 1 large glue stick (white glue not coloured please eg pritt stick)
  • thin but strong coloured pencils
  • pencil sharpener that catches the sharpenings.

* We will provide you with scissors, felt tips and a white board pen.

* You can label all your equipment with your name if you want to.