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Spelling and handwriting practise

Due to school closure all information on spellings (homework) can be found in the home learning folder.

Work through the Autumn and Spring term Common Exception words found below. 


REMEMBER - there are lots of spelling strategies you can use to practise your spellings at home. You could do this in your homework books. These include:


  • Rainbow writing
  • Pyramid writing 
  • Writing the spellings in a sentence (using Year 3 writing skills - see below)

Writing skills (with examples) that we have learnt so far:


Expanded noun phrases:

The fluffy, cute cat ran after the mouse.

The giant, scary woolly mammoth drank from the river.


Different sentence types:



Go and fetch the water from the water hole.

Eat the bone marrow it's good for you.



The Stone Age started around 4000 BC in Britain.

Stone Age people would have used tools and weapons made from stone.



Will you help me hunt the saber tooth tiger that has been eating all our food?

Could you skin the megatherium so we can make some new clothes to keep warm?


What huge teeth that mastodon has!

How big your cave is!

Compound sentences:


I need to eat to survive so I went on a hunt with my family.

The woolly mammoth ran as fast as he could but he couldn't get away from the Stone Age man.


REMEMBER: Compound sentences are made up of TWO independent sentences joined in the middle by a co-ordinating conjunction - see below for a list of these:



for, and, nor, but , or, yet and so