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HOMEWORK in Year 3


Once you have been given your homework book please keep it safe at home. 


You can bring your homework book into school on or before Wednesday's OR you can email a picture of your OPTIONAL homework into: 


Your homework book should be used to stick in your quiz results, completed optional homework and as a place to practise spellings and time tables or division targets.


You should aim to use the four tabs above to help you with your homework each week. These tabs include information, resources and websites to help you. 


Every week you are expected to:


  • READING - You need to bring in your school reading book/s and reading diary into school every day.  Books will be changed on a Wednesday so please makes sure you bring your reading book/s and diary into school on this day  (even if you haven't finished reading them). In Year 3 we expect you to read every day for at least twenty mins. This can be to an adult or in your head :) You can also access your BUG CLUB books at any time or read your own books from home. Please see inside your homework book for your log in details... there is a help sheet in the reading tab above.
  • MATHS FACTS - Learn and practise your TIME TABLE OR DIVISION TARGET ready for your weekly quiz on Friday's. Every week providing you score 38/40 on your quiz you will be given a new times table or division target to learn. If you score 37 or below you will repeat your times table or division target again until you score 38 or above. Nobody is ever on the same target for long... providing they have practised! You will also have one session a week where you practise your target in school. Please see below the order we practise and learn each target:



The order you will learn and practise your times tables are listed below:




X2, X5, X10, X3, X4, X6, X8




X2, X5, X10, X3, X4, X6, X8


It is the same order for division targets.


  • WEEKLY SPELLINGS - Learn and practise your ten spellings ready for your weekly quiz on Friday's. The weekly spellings you will be quizzed on usually follow a spelling rule or pattern which is useful when you are learning new spellings! Every week you will have ten new spellings to learn at home - you should aim to get 10/10 however, do not worry if you score low every now and again you will not be asked to relearn these spellings. We will also have dedicated time in school to learn and practise these spellings although they will still need to be practised at home each week.
  • TERMLY CEW SPELLINGS - Each term you will be given a set of no more than 22 COMMON EXCEPTION WORDS to learn at home in addition to your weekly spellings. You will be quizzed on these spellings on the last week of term. The idea is you learn a few a week and keep practising them regularly. These spellings are different to your weekly spellings because they are random words that you are expected to know by the end of Year 3. Most of the words do not follow a spelling rule or pattern and therefore need to be learnt a little differently. We will also practise these spellings in school and don't panic we have lots of fun ways to help you remember them.


Enrichment homework (optional)-


Each week there will be an enrichment (optional) homework task on the school website. This is optional and can be completed either in your homework book or sent in via our school email address: You will need to complete and send this in by 12 NOON on Wednesday's. Books will be sent out again on a Friday.