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The Jungle

We have really enjoyed learning about our topic 'The Jungle'. We have talked about what the jungle environment is like and what we think we would find there. The children have been thinking of some interesting questions to find out more. In maths we have used an explorers suitcase and objects to explore and use positional language. We used bananas to solve practical subtraction problems and then recorded using number lines by counting back. We have read the story 'Walking Through The Jungle' and have been creating story plans of our own versions of the story. Some of us wrote some stories. We played animal 'I spy' and learnt lots about endangered animals and the work of the WWF. We made posters. We have also been looking at the work of Henri Rousseau and have created our own art work inspired by his painting 'Tiger in a Tropical Storm'. As our prints were brilliant, we decided to add even more detail and embellish them with collage materials. We tasted some tropical fruits linked to the story 'The Parrot Tico Tango' and looked closely at the fruits so we could draw detailed sketches. Following on from this we explored still life, by looking at the work of the artist Cezanne. We explored the properties of materials and made waterproof jungle huts and planned and made our own jungle musical instruments.

Picture 1 Henri Rousseau inspired art!
Picture 2 Printing leaves
Picture 3 Which animal is hiding in the jungle?
Picture 4 Planning a story
Picture 5 Let's explore the jungle!
Picture 6 Exploring the story 'The Parrot Tico Tango'
Picture 7 Colour mixing. How do you make green?
Picture 8 Counting carefully to find one more and one less
Picture 9 Can you put the hat under the suitcase?
Picture 10 Making an animal enclosure
Picture 11 Making a passport
Picture 12 Throwing coconuts
Picture 13 Keeping score
Picture 14 Where do animals live?
Picture 15 Helping each other
Picture 16 The fruit game
Picture 17 Roll the dice and pass them on
Picture 18 Jungle jeep safari
Picture 19 Exploring waterproofing
Picture 20 Building jungle huts
Picture 21 Is it a good material for a roof?
Picture 22 Ordering numbers
Picture 23 Jungle collages
Picture 24 Adding more and more detail
Picture 25 Writing animal lists
Picture 26 Can you move the ball round the jungle maze?
Picture 27 A large jungle collage
Picture 28 Building a small world
Picture 29 Creating a 3d crocodile!
Picture 30 Making backpacks
Picture 31 Making binoculars
Picture 32 Attaching straps
Picture 33 Joining materials
Picture 34 Does it fit?
Picture 35 What animals can you see?
Picture 36 I'm ready for the jungle!
Picture 37 Developing mouse control
Picture 38 Designing a musical instrument
Picture 39 Finding a container
Picture 40 Making a shaker
Picture 41 Joining materials
Picture 42 Making a snappy crocodile
Picture 43 Still life