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Thursday 28.01.21

Good Morning Swans',


How are you all this morning? You will be starting your newspaper report learning journey today - over the next few week you will be working towards writing your very own newspaper report. Exciting!


Have a wonderful day :)


Miss Shaw 



WOW: to identify and understand the structural and language features in a newspaper report.


Over the next three weeks... maybe more we are going to be learning about and working towards writing our very own newspaper report.


Today you will start your learning journey by looking closely at at a newspaper report called, 'Back Down to Earth with a Bump'.


You will be identifying both the structural and language features of this type of text... a newspaper report!




Structural: the way the text is laid out / presented. 


Language: the types of words that our used.


Work through the power point and complete the activities when it tells you to on the 'activity' slides. The text in below you need to work with is below.



Why don't you look at the other newspaper report below and compare them?



WOW: to solve multiplication problems using the short (written) method.


Click on the link below, then click the teaching video titled: 'Multiply 2 digits by 1 digits (1)'.


Watch the teaching video below and work through the examples as you watch it on a whiteboard. Remember to pause the video and complete the examples at your own pace. When the video tells you to you can complete the sheet below. The questions get a little bit harder as you work through - try to complete the first half independently but don't forget to ask an adult for help when you need it :)




Complete the yoga dance party session by following the link and joining in with the moves.


REMEMBER! If it hurts... STOP.



Follow the instructions in the app – ‘Princess and the Frog’ in the CHIMP sections of 2Code.


See ‘Princess and the Frog ANSWERS’ to guide you through the process if you get stuck... try not to look without having a good go first.


Follow the guide below to get to the right app on Purple Mash.


Find answers below... no peeking!