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Thursday 21-01-21

Good Morning Swans',


It was great to see so many of you on zoom yesterday! Well done to all of you who sent in a picture of your final complex sentence!


You did a great job... complex sentences are tricky. We will continue to practise these throughout the school year :) Have a go at the complex sentence writing tasks today. Do go back and look at previous power points to looks at examples.


Lot's of new brilliant learning things to be getting on with today.






WOW: to write complex sentences.


Over the last few weeks we have been learning how to write complex sentences bit by bit. Today we are going to be working towards writing the whole complex sentence, independently.


Work through the power point and use what we talked about on zoom yesterday to help you compete your work today. Choose a 1 STAR, 2 STAR or 3 STAR depending on how confident you feel.



WOW: to solve multiplication problems (2 digit by 1 digit) using the expanded method.


Recently, we have been looking at the box/grid method to solve multiplication problems. Today we take the next step in our multiplication journey - you will learn how to solve 2 digit by 1 digit multiplication problems using what we call the expanded method. I wonder why it has this name?


Work through the explanations and examples on the power point and then choose a 1 STAR, 2 STAR or 3 STAR sheet depending on how confident you feel. Please work on the sheet provided today as it is all laid out for you.





Complete the  STAR WARS THEMED Yoga session by following the link and joining in with the moves.


REMEMBER! If it hurts... STOP.



Help the knight guard the castle by following the instructions in the app – ‘Guard the Castle’ in the CHIMP sections of 2Code.


See ‘Guard the Castle ANSWERS’ to guide you through the process if you get stuck... try not to look without having a good go first.


Follow the guide below to get to the right app on Purple Mash.


Scroll right down to the bottom of this page for answers.