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Thursday 6th January 2022

Good morning,

I hope you are feeling well. We have another full day planned for you. Starting with English, phonics, maths and finishing with art.

English: Today we are learning recognise sentences that are fact and sentences that are fiction. Talk about the difference between fact and fiction. Use two books to compare. Look at the sentences structure. Both start with capital letters and full stops. One sentence will tell us something that is true and the other will tell us something that is made up. Can you think of something that is fact? Can you make something up? Mrs Lloyd has three arms. Mrs Lloyd is fabulous. Which one is fact and which one is fiction?wink Cut to sort the sentences and then think of your own.

Phonics; Today we are learning to read and write words containing alternative pronunciation for the 'a' grapheme. Warm up with some practise reading phase 3 graphemes. Then look at the words cat, baby and water. What do you notice? Read the words on the activity sheet and colour to sort them according to how you would pronounce them. Pick 3 words with different pronunciations to put into 3 different sentences.

Maths-Today we are learning to recognise the the number of ones and ones within a number. Watch both white Rose video clips entitles tems and ones and complete the sheet.  As follow up get different numbers of pennies and exchange 10 pennies for one 10p. Look at the new composition of the number. Keep the numbers to 20 and below.

Art- Today we are learning to draw a person. Draw a picture of themselves. When completed look to see is there a head body legs feet arms hands etc. Where are the arms attached to the body> Do they come from the shoulder or the waist? Look at the different proportions of the person drawn. How big is the head compared to the body/legs. Are the legs stick? Do they have feet? Are there shoes? Look in the mirror to see exactly what you look like. Re draw your person.

Try a do some reading today and make sure you have fun.

Take care.

Mrs Lloyd