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Traditional Tales

This term we have started our topic on 'Traditional Tales'. We have been talking about different stories, characters and settings.

To begin with we focused on the story 'The Elves and the Shoemaker'. In our maths work we have been measuring the length of shoes and exploring the 'difference'. In literacy we have been editing sentences from the story. We have been thinking about what we need to remember when writing sentences of our own. In maths we worked on estimating and explored difference when measuring shoes. We have a new 'Workshop' role-play area and a shoe shop too!

We then focused on the story of 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'. In literacy we worked on descriptive vocabulary and wrote character descriptions. In our maths work we worked on sharing and had a pretend tea party. We made our outdoor playhouse into Snow White's cottage.

Finally we have worked on the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. We sequenced events in the story and wrote retells. We are trying to write in more detail and at greater length. We have been measuring the giants footprint, planting beanstalks of our own, but have also been learning about Mother's Day!

Picture 1
We planted beans and made our own Giant's castles. We have sent our beans home. Can you send in some photographs so week can see all of the changes?
Picture 1 Tap a shape
Picture 2 Working like the Elves!
Picture 3 Designing and making shoes
Picture 4 Traditional Tale - Small World
Picture 5 Role-play 'Cottage'
Picture 6 Role-play 'Workshop'
Picture 7 Designing tiles for the kitchen using shapes
Picture 8 Role-play 'Shoe Shop'
Picture 9 Outdoor construction
Picture 10 Imaginative Building
Picture 11 Small World - Fairy Land
Picture 12 Using technology for a purpose
Picture 13 Snow White's Cottage
Picture 14 Retelling Stories
Picture 15 Collecting the Gold
Picture 16 Recording events and performances
Picture 17 The Giant's Castle!
Picture 18 Giant WANTED Posters!
Picture 19 Rose Printing with Celery
Picture 20 Picture for our Mum!
Picture 21 Letter Formation
Picture 22 The Three Little Pigs - House of Bricks
Picture 23 Planting a bean
Picture 24 How tall will it grow?
Picture 25 Building our own beanstalks
Picture 26 Building the Giants Castle in the clouds
Picture 27 Will it grow right up to the clouds?
Picture 28 Floating and Sinking Exploration
Picture 29 Making the Giants Porridge
Picture 30 Three Little Pigs Building Site
Picture 31 Sieving for gold. How many have you got?
Picture 32 Magic bean number sentences
Picture 33 Making elf hats
Picture 34 Joining and attaching materials