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Tuesday 26.01.21



WOW: To present data using bar charts


Today in maths you will be learning how to present and show information in a bar chart given to you in tables. You will need to read the tables carefully to understand what information they are giving you and then have a go at presenting the information accurately in a bar chart. 

Take a look at the slides and then complete the correct level work for you. If you prefer, there is a more hands-on activity included. For this you will need to use lego (or a similar building block) to present the information given to you in a bar chart. 



WOW: To learn about the physical and human features of our local area.





WOW: To create a shape inspired painting and turn it into a puzzle in the style of Judith Rothschild.



Start off by going around the room you are in and looking for different shapes. What have you found?

You will use these shapes today to inspire your art work.  Using the video and instruction sheet, have a go at creating your own shape inspired painting and turn it into a puzzle for you or someone else to play with.


You will need paper, scissors, a pencil, water colours, water and a paintbrush (if you don't have these then just use felt tips or colouring pencils).