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Tuesday 19-01-21

Morning Swans,

A maths morning for you today.  Select the activities that you feel are best for you today. Ask your teachers at home to guide you with this.  We look forward to seeing how you have got on with your wonderful weekly work 'work outs'! 





WOW: To find the change.

Today you will be learning how to find the change when paying for a certain amount. Go through the presentation to give you some tips on how to do this then complete the activity below. 



WOW: To add money and find the change.


For this session, we'd like you to go shopping!  Sounds fun hey!  

Collect some items around your house and set up a little shop.  Now write out some price labels. Using the coins or money you made had last week or the printed money uploaded below, have a go at buying two or more items, adding them together and then working out what the change would be.


1star - label items less than £1.00 and just find the change from £1.00

2 star - buy two items and then find the change from a £5.00 note

3 star - buy 2-4 items and find the change from a £10/£20 note


Remember to go through the steps of working out the total cost first and then finding what the change is by using your preferred method. Draw and write what you buy and show you steps to working out the change.


If you can't work it out in your head then remember you can use a number line or column addition/subtraction.


Happy Shopping Swans!



WOW: To be able to locate the local area on a map and to give directions.


Today we are beginning to explore our local area and learn how to use maps to locate where we live. Go through the slides below and explore how to locate our local area using an Ordnance Survey map. If you have one at home take a look at it.


Activity: Using Google maps see if you can identify places such as your house, our school, the park, a road or the library.  Use the sheet provided. You can start by typing in your postcode to locate your house or  ST19 9DT to find the school.


Extension: describe how to you get from home to school using compass points and other direction language eg travel northwest then turn clockwise / anticlockwise.



WOW: To create our own Geta Bratescu inspired art.


Today we are going to learn about Geta Bratescu, a Romanian artist, and have fun playing with shapes and forms. You will need a couple of pieces of paper, a pencil and some felt tips. Watch the video tutorial to get an idea and follow the step by step guide on the activity sheet below.  We would love to see some of your creative pieces of work and share them on the website so please send in a photo of what you have created.


Have fun!